General information



The breakfast hall is on the ground floor. Weekdays 06:30 – 10:00 Sat, Sun 08:00 – 11:00

Front desk

The front desk is always open for your convenience and safety. We will be pleased to help you with reservations and general information. Contact us for laundry service, ironing, safety box and storing luggage.


All rooms are non-smoking.


Garage parking is available for a fee.

Check in

Check in is from 15:00.

Check out

Check out is 12:00 latest.

Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless internet access is available at the hotel.
Network: Teaterhotellet Password: Contact front desk  

Fire and fire alarm procedures


No Smoking
All areas of the hotel are no smoking, please respect that!

If you hear the fire alarm
If the fire alarm sounds, please leave the room immediately and contact the front desk.
Use the stairs during evacuation!

In case of fire
If front desk staff confirm there’s a fire, or if you see a fire, keep calm, evacuate the hotel, and head to the assembly point (see below). Exceptions regarding evacuation is when there is smoke in the hallway outside the room, then stay in the room and contact the reception via telephone (Dial 9).

If you must stay in the room: soak towels and push in at the door edges for extra security to stop any smoke from entering the room.

False alarm
If the reception informs you that it is a false alarm, you can return to the room.

Official assembly point in case of fire
Magistratsparken across the Östra Rönneholmsvägen. See map below: